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Meet Dave Bentley

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One Man on the Ski Slopes Had a Heart Attack - Read His Story

When Dave Bentley, a retired pilot, did his final ski run of the day on Vail Mountain something just wasn’t right. “I’ve been an active skier, bike rider, and runner,” says Bentley. “As a pilot, I had physicals every few months. I had an EKG every year. There was never any indication for me that I was in any kind of danger of having a heart attack.”

"Immediately the patrollers assessed the situation and poured a packet of granulated aspirin down my throat."As the base of the mountain came into sight Bentley thought his pain was due to indigestion, but it became much more intense as he finished the run.

“I knew it had to be something more”, Bentley explains, “but I was in denial. It couldn’t be me having a heart attack. It turned out I was...” His ski partner hailed two nearby ski patrollers as Bentley slumped over.

“Turns out it was a single 325mg dose of UrgentRx Critical Care Aspirin. It went in just like sugar, and it dissolved right away.”

What Bentley didn’t know was the patroller and that small packet of UrgentRx Critical Care Aspirin had already started helping him. His heart attack was being caused by a clot that was blocking 95 percent of the blood flow in his left anterior descending artery. "Immediately the patrollers assessed the situation and poured a packet of granulated aspirin down my throat."A situation so critical doctors call it the ‘widowmaker’. Luckily, the 325mg dose of UrgentRx Critical Care aspirin helped thin Bentley’s blood, because aspirin is known to prevent any further clotting.

Later in surgery, a medical team placed a stent in the artery and within three days of his nearly lethal heart attack at the base of Vail Mountain, Bentley was able go home to recover with his wife and 4-year-old son.

“For me it happened so fast, says Bentley”. “I believe I'm alive today because the Vail Mountain Ski Patrol was prepared with UrgentRx and ready to help me in the place and moment I needed it most.”


UrgentRx - fast powders